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On August 5, 1962, Life Magazine photojournalist Leigh Wiener was assigned to cover the sudden death of one of Hollywood’s most celebrated icons, Marilyn Monroe. This photo-essay of black and white images is an observance of the days surrounding the passing and funeral of a legend. In his words, illustrated with his images, Leigh Wiener recounts that mid-summer day from outside Marilyn’s Brentwood home, to the Westwood Mortuary, and finally scenes from her funeral at Westwood Village Cemetery. First published in 1990, only 500 hardcopies of Marilyn: A Hollywood Farewell were printed. Less than half were signed by Leigh Wiener.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of her passing, 7410 Publishing presents this second edition available only in eBook format.

New to the second edition are the Introduction by Devik Wiener, Leigh Wiener's son, and the Afterword by Allan Abbott, a pallbearer at Marilyn's funeral. High-resolution digital drum scans of Leigh Wiener's original negatives reveal a striking clarity and detail.

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Marilyn: A Hollywood Farewell
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Review of Marilyn: A Hollywood Farewell (1st Ed.)

“I am also one of the few to own this very special final tribute to Marilyn Monroe. It sort of makes you feel as you were there as one of the mourners marking the tragic passing of this great screen legend and all too misunderstood human being. This is a perfect and tasteful tribute that Marilyn so richly deserves.”
—KS, Michigan

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