Books by Leigh Wiener
"Alcatraz: The Last Day," Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (2012)
"Johnny Cash: Photographs by Leigh Wiener," Five Ties Publishing (2006)
"Marilyn: A Hollywood Farewell," 7410 Publishing (1990)
"Tijuana Sunday," 7410 Publishing (1989)
"Leigh Wiener: Portraits," Seventy Four Ten, Inc. (1987)
"Limited Edition Portfolio on Poet William Everson," Murray J. Smith/The Dawson's Book Shop (1986)
"How Do You Photograph People," The Viking Press (1982)
"Not Subject To Change," IBM Corporation (1969)
"Here Comes Me," Odyssey Press (1966)
"The Range of Research," California Institute of Technology (1965)

Selected List of Books Containing the Works of Leigh Wiener
"Hollywood Digs: An Archaeology of Shadows," by Ken LaZebnik, Kelly's Cove Press (2014)
"Overweight Sensation: The Life and Comedy of Allan Sherman," by Mark Cohen, Brandeis (2013)
"Brando's Smile," by Susan Mizruchi, WW Norton & Company, Inc (2013)
"Dennis Hopper: Photographs 1961-1967," by Dennis Hopper, Victor Bockris, Walter Hopps, Jessica Hundley, Tony Shafrazi, Taschen Books (2011)
"Los Angeles, Portrait of a City," by Jim Heimann, Taschen Books (2009)
"This Side of Paradise: Body and Landscape in Los Angeles Photographs," by Jennifer A Watts and Claudia Bohn-Spector, Merrell (2008)
"A Life in the Golden Age of Jazz: A Biography of Buddy DeFranco," by Fabrice Zammarchi, Parkside (2003)
"One Man's Eye: Alan Siegel," by Robert A. Sobieszek, Harry N. Abrams (2000)
"William Everson: The Life of Brother Antoninus," by Lee Bartlett, A New Directions Book (1988)
"Photography For The Art Market," by Kathryn Marx, Amphoto (1988)
"Masters of Starlight," by David Fahey & Linda Rich (1987)
"Fine Printing: The Los Angeles Tradition," by Ward Ritchie (1987)
"Robinson Jeffers, Poet," by Robert J. Brophy (1987)
"Robinson Jeffers," by Unterjochte Erde, R. Piper Gmb.H & Co. (1987)
"Jubal Sackett," by Louis L'Amour, Bantam Books (1985)
"The Cliffs of Solitude," by Robert Zaller, Cambridge University Press 1983)
"Judy and Liza," by James Spada, Doubleday and Co., Inc. (1982)
"The Women at Point Sur and Other Poems," by Robinson Jeffers, Liveright 1977)
"Dear Judas and Other Poems by Robinson Jeffers," by Robinson Jeffers, Liveright (1977)
"The Double Ax," by Robinson Jeffers, Liveright (1977)
"Violence and Aggression," by Ronald H. Bailey, Time-Life Books (1976)
"Rainbow," by Christopher Finch, Grossett and Dunlap (1975)
"LIFE Goes To The Movies," Time Inc. (1975)
"The Best of LIFE," Time Inc. (1973)
"UCLA on The Move," by Andrew Hamilton and John B. Jackson, The Ward Ritchie Press (1969)
"The Selected Letters of Robinson Jeffers," by Ann Ridgeway / Leigh Wiener, The Johns Hopkins Press (1968)
"The Drug Takers," Time-Life Books (1965)
"Industrial Design: Volume 5," by Henry Dreyfuss (1964)

Television Projects
"Race to the Pole," CBS Movie of the Week (1986)
"Talk About Pictures," The Emmy Award-winning series for NBC exploring the role of still photography on contemporary society (1975-79)
"A Slice of Sunday," CBS Special on Professional Football (1966)

One-man Exhibitions
"Alcatraz: The Last Day," Alcatraz Island (2013)
The Craig Krull Gallery (1998)
California State University at Long Beach Gallery (1988)
Bowers Museum (1987)
Zeitlin & Ver Brugge Gallery (1987)
Arpel Gallery (1987)
Santa Barbara Museum of Art (1987)
California State University at Long Beach Gallery (1987)
Valerie Miller Gallery (1987)
Witkin Gallery (1987)
Downey Museum of Art (1987)
Irvine Fine Arts Center (1986)
Zeitlin & Ver Brugge Gallery (1985)
Schlosberg Gallery (1983)
Realities Gallery (1981)
Living Room Gallery (1978)
Moody Gallery (1977)
Ray Cummings Gallery (1975)
Gallery At The Plaza (1975)

Group Exhibitions (Partial Listing)
"Country: Portraits of an American Sound," The Annenberg Space for Photography (2014)
"The Hollywood Visionaries and Beyond," Pepperdine University (2013)
"Portrayal / Betrayal," The Santa Barbara Museum of Art (2012)
"Behind the Wheel," The Santa Barbara Museum of Art (2012)
"We Want Miles," Serviço Social do Comércio de São Paulo (2011)
"We Want Miles," Montreal Museum Of Fine Art (2010)
"We Want Miles," Cité de la musique, Paris (2009)
Los Angeles County Art Museum (1988)
University of Judaism (1988)
Art Institute of Boston (1988)
Museum of The Borough of Brooklyn, Brooklyn College (1987)